InstallationWe are proud to announce the addition of our Public safety Upfitting department. For many years we helped to support other companies in the upfitting business in the Bay Area. With all of the recent changes we decided now was the proper time to expand our product offering.. We are very different from our competitors in the following ways.

1. We warrant our products and workmanship for the life of the car.

2. On site, we have a full line vinyl design center, 48" Printer, Plotter, and a 53" 700 lb. cold pressed laminator, and onsite installers. Your car graphic needs are no problem for us.

3. We are a Motorola, Kenwood, B/K& Relm, Icom radio dealer with sales service and installations on site.

4. We provide and Asbuilt Binder which details how your vehicle was designed, and built. Including Inside/outside pictures, lighting and hardware placement, Wiring schematics with color code, location, how cables were ran, PDU - power distribution schematics and lay out., Along with many other pages of information regarding the equipment and the install.

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Fire Command Vehicle
Vehicle has 4 hp laptops configured with Telex-Vega C-soft -12 console software and HB-3 headset adapters. The laptops control, 7 radios via wireless or wired VOIP and IP-223s. For interoperability, the vehicle can communicate on low-band, vhf, uhf and 800MHz. The console allows the operator/dispatcher to patch different radio channel together, have instant recall recorders and other options usually only available on consoles in 911 dispatch centers. Additionally, outside the trailer there are 2 external speakers with individual volume controls and a David Clark intercom system allowing two people to talk on one of the vhf radios. If you have any questions or would like a quote please call us.

Fire Trucks
These units are from a long time Service Agreement Customer who recently changed to Kenwood P25 TK-5710 mobiles in all there front line rigs. All radios are hooked to the David Clark intercom system allowing the radio receive and transmit audio to pass through the headsets to reduce the background noise produced by the siren.

Police Cars
With these police cars, we provided another company additional manpower and the technical expertise needed to install state of the art video systems in their customers fleet.

Cement Trucks
Not only do we install the radios and data systems in these trucks we also installed the Ready-Slump units. This system controls the amount of water added to the mix using flow meters, hydraulic pressure sensors and air pressure.

Trash Trucks
Kenwood TK-863s installed for voice communication. Additionally, PTT-id with in the radios notify dispatch which unit is transmitting. This reduces malicious transmissions disrupting your daily business.

Site Equipment
We service over thirty remote mountain tops in Northern California


Over 25 RF Sites Throughout Northern California.
Mount Chual Black Mountian Belmont Hill Montara Ridge Twin Peaks Grizzly Peak North Peak Diablo Sugarloaf Mount Vaca Mount Allison Sonoma Mtn. Geyser Peak Banner Mountain Wolfback Ridge Mount Osa Pine Hill Big Rock Morhardt Ridge Livermore Hill Cobb Mountain Mt. Chual II Weideman Hill San Pedro Ridge St. Helena North Auburn Hill Castle Rock

January 1, 2011
No new wideband applications or major
modifications to existing systems to increase
coverage will be accepted. End of manufacturing
or import of wideband equipment. Mandatory
certification of equipment capable of 6.25KHz operation.

January 1, 2013
Mandatory 12.5KHz conversion completed!
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