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KCH-16 Handheld Control Head

Kenwood's New Control Head for the TK-5710/5810 P25 Mobiles

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It's Here!

Digital is finally here. Motorola has introduced MOTOTRBO, Kenwood's is called Nexedge and Icom's is IDAS Trunking. We are in the process of putting together information stating the differences between the manufactures equipment.

Pushed by the FCC to utilize smaller bandwidths, the digital solution works great. You get great audio quality and many features like selective calling, status messaging, remote monitor, etc.

Kenwood and Icom developed their NXDN solutions together. They can utilize a 6.25 KHz bandwidth. What does that mean to you? If your FCC license is for a 25 KHZ channel you can modify it and get 2 6.25 KHz channels doubling your capacity or have an extra channel for data. 30 repeaters can be hooked together to provide a trunking system with 29 or 30 voice channels.

Motorola's digital solution is TDMA. You can have 2 simultaneous conversations going on at the same time using one frequency. Unfortunately, for now you can not trunk the repeaters.

Over 25 RF Sites Throughout Northern California.
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January 1, 2011
No new wideband applications or major
modifications to existing systems to increase
coverage will be accepted. End of manufacturing
or import of wideband equipment. Mandatory
certification of equipment capable of 6.25KHz operation.

January 1, 2013
Mandatory 12.5KHz conversion completed!
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