Careful who you choose to work on your radio!

Work on Right is not ours.

Not all shops are created equal. Work on right is not ours. Name changed to protect the guilty. He might be working on yours if your not using us.

We are a Kenwood, BK/Relm, Icom and Motorola Service Center. We have our own factory trained technicians familiar with your products to keep them working at their peak efficiency. We also provide service to several other communication companies who don't have their own service departments.

We have the latest test equipment and maintain a large inventory of OEM parts, all so we can get your unit repaired quickly and properly the first time.

Most shops require you to personally bring the defective unit in, mail it or pay one of your employees to take it in. We treat our customers differently. Your more then welcome to come to the shop if you want; However, we would be happy to come and service your vehicles at your location or pick-up broken radios, repair them at our service facility and bring them back to you when repaired.

Please give us a chance to wow you the next time you need a repair.

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Over 25 RF Sites Throughout Northern California.
Mount Chual Black Mountian Belmont Hill Montara Ridge Twin Peaks Grizzly Peak North Peak Diablo Sugarloaf Mount Vaca Mount Allison Sonoma Mtn. Geyser Peak Banner Mountain Wolfback Ridge Mount Osa Pine Hill Big Rock Morhardt Ridge Livermore Hill Cobb Mountain Mt. Chual II Weideman Hill San Pedro Ridge St. Helena North Auburn Hill Castle Rock

January 1, 2011
No new wideband applications or major
modifications to existing systems to increase
coverage will be accepted. End of manufacturing
or import of wideband equipment. Mandatory
certification of equipment capable of 6.25KHz operation.

January 1, 2013
Mandatory 12.5KHz conversion completed!
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